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I was a gambler most of my adult my life and it was very tough.

Thank you very much Nail, I was surprised that after one year of my trading I am thinking much firex like gambler than trader. Xin February 10, at 3: Not really going anyway. Positive results is easy transferming onto negative on in case different time, settings and initial deposit size. Those are two very different things, especially when referring to fiat currency. Traders forex casino are addicted to trading get too much enjoyment out of it. Hello Nial Thanks for a great reading.

Forex and сasino: what is the difference? There are many articles on the internet in which working on Forex is compared to gambling in casino, and in particular. If you can't find the time to read what is taking place in the forum and gain wisdom from what others are more than happy to share then it is time  Gambling VS Trading @ Forex Factory. You might be treating the forex market like your own personal casino right now and not even know it. In fact, if you are like many people trading.

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